Amy Robach on Telling Her Children She Has Cancer

Amy Robach on Battling Cancer, Telling Her Girls, and Her "Inner Strength as a Mom"

Amy Robach on Battling Cancer, Telling Her Girls, and Her "Inner Strength as a Mom"

It hasn't been an easy six months for Amy Robach, but looking back, the Good Morning America cohost says it's made her a better person than she was before. In October, Robach, mom to Ava, 7, and Anna, 11, reluctantly had her first mammogram on the morning news program, only to discover that she had breast cancer: "from a follow-up image to a sonogram to a biopsy to a diagnosis in five hours." During a double mastectomy a few weeks later, doctors found a second tumor, leading to a brutal eight rounds of chemotherapy. This week, her first since completing treatment, Robach joined the second annual Moms +SocialGood conference and opened up about the past year.

As a power mom who did it all, Robach revealed that the past few months were tough on her marriage. Her husband, Andrew Shue (former Melrose Place star and Internet entrepreneur), had recently lost a close relative and wasn't able to step in the way she expected him to. Said Robach, "It was tough because I wanted him to be strong and just be like a superman, and he was falling apart. And that was really hard for us as a couple. We had to seek some help [to try to figure out how we navigate this]. We're in a really good place now but it was tough."

But that wasn't all. We sat down with the amazingly energetic Robach after the conference to discuss how she told her girls about the diagnosis, what tips she has for other moms currently fighting cancer, and where she's found some humor in her life (hint: it all comes down to the hair!).

Source: Getty / Ben Gabbe