Baby Gear For Grandparents' House

The Best Baby Gear to Stash at Grandma's House

The Best Baby Gear to Stash at Grandma's House

Over the bridge and under the tunnel, to grandmother's house we go . . . Whether your kids have weekly visits to their grandparents' or it's just an occasional treat, things tend to go a lot more smoothly when everyone is well prepared. While we don't think that Grandma needs to create her own baby registry, we do believe that a few purchases in the grandkids department will make her feel better prepared for their overnight visits. Save costs by using our suggestions as a starting point, and scout out consignment shops and/or parent group classifieds to see if you can find any secondhand steals. Or, split a big ticket item with a nearby friend — chances are, your weekend grandparent visits won't overlap very regularly.

Click through and see some of the smartest purchases Mom can make to ensure a comforting — and comfy — home-away-from-home for her kiddos.

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