Breastfeeding May Not Work For Everyone

I Couldn't Breastfeed My Son, and I'm OK With It (Now)

I Couldn't Breastfeed My Son, and I'm OK With It (Now)

There is no question that breastfeeding is the best practice. But sometimes a mama just can't make it happen; I'm not talking about lack of trying though. I breastfed my firstborn for over a year. Then for my second child, there were problems from the start (latching issues, tongue-tied, etc.). I dragged my newborn to every specialist under the sun to try to get breastfeeding to work for us, but it never did. Nearly every nursing session left both of us crying — it was awful. After his three-month check-up with the pediatrician, I was told that I should consider supplementing with formula because my lil guy was not gaining enough weight. It was devastating to me, because I felt like a failure and guilty that he wasn't getting all the benefits from the breastfeeding. Sure, I pumped as long as humanly possible, but I still felt terrible.

Now, years later, my bottle-fed son is a perfectly happy and healthy little guy, who's bonded to me like crazy. Looking back I wish someone had said, "You've done all you can do, now stop beating yourself up!" So ladies, here are a few reasons not to feel bad if you've given it a try, but breastfeeding just isn't in the cards for you.

Source: Flickr user David Precious