Busy Philipps Talks Summer Plans and Mom Guilt

Busy Philipps Talks Summer Plans, Kids' Parties, and Mom Guilt

Busy Philipps Talks Summer Plans, Kids' Parties, and Mom Guilt

Busy Philipps knows how important it is to stay safe in the sun. As a child, the Cougar Town star says she took extra precautions to keep her skin free from burns. "I was always the girl who has what we called a mom visor," Philipps says. "I would also get this special sunscreen from my dermatologist that was like 110 SPF." So it's no surprise that the actress and mom of Birdie and Cricket jumped at the chance to help Banana Boat kick off its Best Summer Ever sweepstakes.

I recently soaked up the shade with Philipps and talked about her family's Summer plans, her cake decorating skills, and how she handles mom guilt.

POPSUGAR: Do you have any tricks for getting sunscreen on your girls?

Busy Philipps: Birdie's not a kid who loves putting on sunscreen, so I make it a contest with her like who can do it the fastest. So I'll tell her, "I'm going to do this arm and we'll time me, then you do that arm and I'll time you." Or I'll say, "I'm going to put sunscreen on Cricket, and if you can get all this sunscreen all over your body before I'm done with Cricket you win." She's always faster, by my design of course.

PS: And you don't need to tempt her with a prize or anything?

BP: Nope. It's all about the winning, and I'm more than OK with that. I also like for us to apply our sunscreen naked in the bathroom, before we put on our bathing suits. This way you make sure all the parts are covered.

PS: Now that you have some time off from filming, do you have any special Summer plans?

BP: We have kind of an ambitious family vacation that we're taking to the East Coast and North Carolina with my husband's family. Birdie does a day camp, and Cricket is now at the age where she really enjoys a playground. Saturdays and Sundays we do family days, since we don't have help on the weekends.

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