Celebrity Moms' Breastfeeding Photos

10 Celeb Moms Who've Shared Their Breastfeeding Selfies

10 Celeb Moms Who've Shared Their Breastfeeding Selfies

Think the breastfeeding selfie trend is just a thing for your Instagram friends to share with each other? Not quite! While the women in your new-moms class are sharing pics of themselves and their nursing tots with family and friends, celebrity moms are sharing theirs with millions of fans around the world. While some say they are sharing the images to show something "natural and beautiful," others are doing it to show their political views (and protest against Facebook's anti-breastfeeding policy).

Gwen Stefani is the latest nursing mom to show off her hungry tot. This morning, she shared this adorable photo of baby Apollo breastfeeding in Switzerland (check out those mountains in the background!). Read on to see which other moms have been forthcoming with their photos (hint: there's a bit of a Victoria's Secret Angel trend here).

Source: Instagram user gwenstefani