Dr. Oz's Advice For New Moms

Dr. Oz's Best Piece of Advice For Moms-to-Be

Dr. Oz's Best Piece of Advice For Moms-to-Be

While millions of parents around the world turn to Dr. Oz's show and website for health advice, for Daphne Oz, daughter of Oprah's favorite doctor and cohost of The Chew, the advice comes firsthand. Though the bestselling author and now mom to 4-month-old Philomena certainly knew her way around the kitchen so she could nourish her body while pregnant — she provided us with great prenatal tips and recipes — she looked to her dad for advice when it came to parenting for the first time.

"My dad was full of so much good advice," Daphne says in the current issue of Mini magazine. "But I think the best kernel of wisdom came from his experience as a parent, even more than a doctor."

Read on to see the best advice Dr. Oz gave his daughter, as well as some of Daphne's thoughts on pregnancy and new motherhood so far.

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