Duck Dynasty Birthday Party Ideas For Kids

Happy Hunting! A Duck Dynasty-Inspired Birthday Party

Happy Hunting! A Duck Dynasty-Inspired Birthday Party

We're not endorsing kids hunting any kind of animal or really even watching Duck Dynasty before about age 10, but this duck-hunting birthday party inspired by the hit A&E show is simply too creative and cute not to pass along. Thrown by designer Lauren Haddox for her son William, this budget-friendly party took place in the morning and was stocked full of breakfast foods, creative activities, and even a faux duck hunt.

"One way to save on a birthday party is to serve breakfast foods," says Lauren, who designed a printable collection especially for the event. "The 'duck feed' cereal bar was stocked with rice (Rice Krispies), oats (oatmeal squares), and grain (granola). We had mallard milk, goose eggs, strawberry decoy spread, wood duck waffles, swamp water, duck call donuts, and more!" Keep clicking to check out all the adorable edibles and more!


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