Grey Power Photography Project

See How Kids' Drawings of Their Grandparents Come to Life!

See How Kids' Drawings of Their Grandparents Come to Life!

What would your kids think if they were able to watch their artistic endeavors literally come to life? Dutch designer Yoni Lefévre, who creates with the philosophy that "good design begins with empathy and communicating emotions" in mind, decided to find out firsthand.

"We are living in a rapidly aging society. A majority regards this as a negative development," Lefévre wrote in the introduction to his latest endeavor, Grey Power. "Older people are perceived as standing on the sideline, having lost their independence. But I see the great value this generation can offer."

To illustrate her point, Lefévre, along with photographer Nick Bookelaar, used kids' drawings of their grandparents as the inspiration for a series of photographs. "Children do not regard their grandparents as gray and withered but as active human beings who add color to their lives. Their fresh perspective can contribute towards a more nuanced and positive view on the composition of our society," she wrote. Check out the project, then share with your favorite grandparent!