How to Be a Happier Parent

4 Easy Ways to Be a Happier Mom

4 Easy Ways to Be a Happier Mom

Every parent has those days when they're not as happy as they could be. Maybe you didn't get to spend time with the kids. Perhaps you spent the afternoon refereeing a sibling battle. Or maybe you weren't given a goodnight hug. While it may seem like these days are inevitable, author Gretchen Rubin believes we can easily prevent them from happening. In Happier at Home ($9, originally $15), a follow-up to The Happiness Project ($9, originally $15), the mother of two documented her year-long journey to creating a more pleasant home. She focused on everything, from interior design to her darling husband, and found much success.

We sat down with the happiness guru to get her secrets on being a happier parent, even when times feel especially tough. While she has many great tips, these four resonated with us the most. We think you'll agree!

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