How to Keep Kids' Rooms Organized

7 Genius Ways to Organize Your Family's Home

7 Genius Ways to Organize Your Family's Home

Imagine the most organized, well-run household you've ever been in. Now amplify it by about 50, and you'll have an idea of what the home of Pauline Nakios, owner and creative director of Lilla P, looks like. Located in Manhattan's charming West Village, the apartment is home to Pauline; her husband, Thomas; and their two sons, who are 5 and 8 years old.

With the help of organizational expert Jeffrey Phillip, the family has optimized every square inch of their elegant NYC apartment for maximum functionality and efficiency. While hiring a professional organizer may seem like a pipe dream to many, Jeffrey has a wide range of clients and is eager to share his know-how. "Even if someone hires me for a consultation and then does everything DIY, there's a way to make it work," he told us.

Pauline and Jeffrey took us on a tour of Pauline's family's incredible home, and they shared some of their best advice for creating an organized, efficient living space. Here, seven of our favorite tips.

All photography by: Jessica Haley