Safe Paint For Baby's Room

The Safest Paints For Your Family Home

The Safest Paints For Your Family Home

There's nothing like having a baby on the way to make you aware of the use of dangerous additives in the products we use daily. You can buy organic clothing and healthy cleaning products, but many parents have no idea that the air inside their home may be polluted because of the paint on the walls. Most paint is still made with volatile organic compounds (VOC), which not only releases chemicals in the form of a fresh paint smell, but daily, and even years later. Several popular companies have released low VOC and zero VOC options, but because these paints are made by combining a low VOC colorant to a zero VOC base paint, the "zero VOC" paint isn't really free of VOCs. So we've rounded up some interior paint options that are truly free of VOC's, phthalates, formaldehyde, mutagens, ozone-depleting compounds, and reproductive toxins. Click through to find healthier alternatives to beautiful walls.

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