Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Motherhood at Hallmark Launch

Why Sarah Jessica Parker's Kids Won't Be Handing Out Store-Bought Valentines This Year

Why Sarah Jessica Parker's Kids Won't Be Handing Out Store-Bought Valentines This Year

When you care enough to send the very best, you choose Sara Jessica Parker? Now you will! The mom of three — James Wilke, 11, and twins Marion and Tabitha, 4 — has made a name for herself as an actress and style icon, but now she's expanding her range with a new venture. Yesterday, Parker announced a new collaboration with everyone's favorite greeting card company Hallmark that will result in 70 fashionable cards, bundles of stationery, and gift wrap options to help women express their love and gratitude for friends and family alike.

The line, which Parker oversaw both creatively and editorially, includes plenty of images of shoes and sweet macarons, but it is the beautiful new baby cards that caught my attention. They're sweet and sophisticated with nary a cartoon baby in sight. At the launch event, Parker explained that in this age of technology, she and her kids still love the surprise of receiving a handwritten note addressed to them. We caught up with Parker at the event and delved into her plans for one of the most popular Hallmark holidays, Valentine's Day, and the biggest parenting challenge she's facing today.

POPSUGAR Moms: Valentine's Day is just around the corner. What kinds of crafts do you do with the kids for the holiday?
Sarah Jessica Parker: Well, we don't do crafts at home, but we do what I did when I was a child. I give them red construction paper, lace, tissue paper, and cardboard that comes from a pair of stockings or tights, and we make our own cards. They're so special, and the kids love it. The kids can't hand out cards in school anymore, but we do exchange them with each other.

PS: Speaking of arts and crafts, how do you raise a culturally aware child?
SJP: The same way [so many] mothers do in the tristate area. We take them places. We find age-appropriate shows, and if they're the same day I'm performing, someone else takes them to see it. We have a very artistic home. We're always playing music! But I have to say I did a much better job of it when I only had one child!

PS: What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about motherhood?
SJP: I was just thinking this — actually saying out loud the other day. My son is going through the testing that all kids his age do, and I walked out of my home and took the subway to work, and it is just a two-block walk to the theater. And I was saying out load that I wish someone had landed on my doorstep with the answer to how we can teach our children the harder things. When they're born, we look into their eyes and tell them we just want them to be happy and healthy. But how do we teach them the important things — not the compassion, and how to apologize meaningfully, but how to feel good about themselves. It's so difficult to communicate that.

PS: Nobody said motherhood is easy!
SJP: No, but I wouldn't trade it!

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