Shared Kids' Room With Camp Details

A Stylish Camp-Themed Shared Space For 2 Lucky Girls

A Stylish Camp-Themed Shared Space For 2 Lucky Girls

Joni Lay of Lay Baby Lay has a ridiculous sense of style, so it's no surprise that the shared space she created for her daughters at her extended family's vacation home is one of our favorite rooms ever! "The room is at the farm, so I really wanted an adventure/camping/scouting feel," Joni says. "Since the girls are also sharing the room, it seemed fitting to go with some camp inspiration, making it feel special that they get to stay in the same room together."

While Joni started with a rustic theme, she definitely put her own contemporary spin on the space, stocking it with a combination of vintage and modern finds, adorable bedding from The Land of Nod, and tons of DIY projects, including the curtains, artwork, personalized pillows, and so much more. Keep clicking to check out all the details!

Source: Lay Baby Lay

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