Signs of Overinvolved Parents

9 Signs You've Succumbed to Intensive Parenting

9 Signs You've Succumbed to Intensive Parenting

Every mom wants what's best for her child, but some sociologists think our generation may be taking things a bit too far these days. Intensive parenting, where parents have practically turned parenting into a competitive sport, is taking hold in many communities. This hyperinvolved form of child rearing sees parents who just can't seem to do enough for their kids — be it the classes they sign them up for, the friends they let them play with, or the quality of the food they serve them. With it also comes a large dose of guilt that mom simply isn't doing enough to ensure her child's success.

No one sets out to become an intense parent, but sometimes the signs are staring you in the face with you even knowing it. How do you know if you are one? See some of the telltale signs . . . in GIF form, of course!

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