S'mores-Flavored Treats to Make Indoors

Make Your S'mores and Eat Them Too!

Make Your S'mores and Eat Them Too!

Part of the allure of camping with kids is the magical time in the evening when everyone is getting along, enjoying a warm fire, and toasting up marshmallows. Suddenly, the family is a whole unit, anyone around the fire is a part of a community of marshmallow burners, and the kids aren't making any noise because they're enjoying a gooey treat they made all by themselves.

The s'more has become such a beloved family tradition that we crave them even when it's too rainy or cold to have a campfire. Though microwavable s'mores are a quick go-to, moms have come up with many more ways to enjoy the s'more flavor in any season — from ice cream to popcorn, and even parfait. Click through to get inspired for your own winter s'mores fest!


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