Student Suspended For Sexual Harassment

Student Suspended After Hugging a Teacher

A student's attempt to make his teacher happy has led to an unpleasant situation. Sam McNair, a senior at Duluth High School in Georgia, received a yearlong suspension for hugging his teacher. According to officials, the hug was accompanied by a kiss, both of which violate the school's sexual harassment policy. Sam denies kissing the teacher and adds that he has hugged many teachers, including this one, and has never been reprimanded. The suspension will prevent Sam from graduating on time and could affect his college career.

"He's a senior," April McNair, Sam's mother, told the CBS Atlanta. "He plays football and was getting ready for lacrosse, and you're stripping him of even getting the opportunity of a full scholarship for athletics for college." April and Sam plan to appeal the suspension with the school board.

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