Tips For Photographing a Baby's Birth

5 Tips For Photographing a Baby's Birth

5 Tips For Photographing a Baby's Birth

When you think about your child's first photograph, chances are she was just a few moments old and either in your arms or on a scale in the delivery room. But what if you had a photo — a professional one at that — of the moment she entered the world? Birth photography — as the trend is being called — is gaining momentum as moms-to-be seek out talented friends and professional photographers to capture the scene in the delivery room before, during, and after childbirth.

We turned to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, photographer Jennifer Bebb, founder of Bebb Studios and the director of CMpro at Clickin Moms, to get some pointers for photographing a baby's birth. She shared, "We photograph birthdays, graduations, and weddings, but until recently, photographing the birth of a child was not common. Having a photographer document birth is becoming more and more popular. Some people choose to hire a photographer who specializes in this field, while others prefer the intimacy of a trusted family member or close friend on hand with a camera."

Read on for Jennifer's five best tips for photographing this special moment.

Source: Jennifer Bebb