What Kind of Mom Are You?

What Role Do You Play in Your Group of Mom Friends?

In every crew of friends, there are a number of roles that have to be filled. There's the fun one, the provider, the one who knows all the answers . . . and it's especially true in a circle of mom friends. There's a good chance you already know the role you play, but in case you're in search of some clarity, we've come up with a six-question quiz to confirm where you fall. Keep reading, and share with your friends!

Mom's night out! What's on tap?

The Daily Intel
Knows it All
Mom's Mom
Never Say No
Life of the Party

Pick a color, any color:

Answer 1 to Question 2
Answer 2 to Question 2
Answer 3 to Question 2
Answer 4 to Question 2
Answer 5 to Question 2
Answer 6 to Question 2

It's a weekday morning; what's for breakfast?

Eggs Benedict for all

Antioxidant-packed smoothies

A latte and gab session after drop-off

Muffins from the local bakery

Blueberry pancakes and bacon


What does "kicking back" look like to you?

Never Say No
Daily Intel

You can't live without:

Your girlfriends


Your iPhone

The Barefoot Contessa

Your Chardonnay

Your organizer

Your role in your school's end-of-year celebration:

Offering ideas and budget solutions

Running the whole shebang

Rallying the troops

Organizing the teachers' gifts

Hosting the afterparty!

Coordinating the food and drinks

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