Why Is Breastfeeding Controversial?

Why Talking About Breastfeeding Gets Us So Fired Up

Why Talking About Breastfeeding Gets Us So Fired Up

There is perhaps no subject matter more polarizing for new mothers than that of breastfeeding, which made it a natural fit for the filmmakers behind the documentary Breastmilk. "I think there's so much out there, so many opinions about breastfeeding in public or pumping and the age of a child who should be weaned. In order to be part of the public conversation, I wanted to make this more visible, and a film was the best way to do that for me," director Dana Ben-Ari told us.

Breastmilk takes a raw, unfiltered, and in-depth look at what really goes on behind closed doors for new parents as they make decisions about the way in which they'll feed their babies. We spoke with Ben-Ari, as well as executive producers Ricki Lake and Abby Epstein (the team behind The Business of Being Born), about some of the most poignant issues raised throughout the course of their film. Here's our takeaway as to exactly why Breastmilk elicits such a strong response.

Source: Flickr user Roberta Zingg