Winter Photography Tips

How to Take Amazing Winter Photos of Your Kids

How to Take Amazing Winter Photos of Your Kids

Crisp, white-covered landscapes, begging for a child to burst onto the scene — freshly fallen snow is the perfect backdrop for a Winter photo session with your kids. But how to capture your children and the light and fluffy snow accurately? We turned to Minneapolis/St. Paul-based photographer Amy Lucy Lockheart, founder of Amy Lucy Photography and a Clickin Moms mentor who teaches the "First Steps with a DSLR" class, to get some pointers for photographing this season.

She shared, "We take hundreds or even thousands of pictures of our kids outside during the Spring, Summer, and Fall. When it gets to be Winter, our kids go out to play, but our cameras tend to stay inside. It’s time to change that! Bring your camera when you go play in the snow. You may just get some of your favorite photos of your kids!"

Read on for Amy's 10 best tips for photographing kids throughout the Winter months.


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