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Grace Patton

I'm just your average stay at home mom to my three kids: Julia (3), Sebastian (2), Theo (1) and am currently pregnant with baby #4 who is due in May. My husband, Simon, is an OB-GYN resident by day and night here in St. Louis which explains why I haul the kids to the hospital for quality time visits and cafeteria donuts several times a week. I blog about my day to day life which includes a lot of grocery store narratives, rants about cabin fever, and fielding the never ending, "you have your hands full!" remarks from strangers. I walk countless diapers outside to the big trashcan in the driveway multiple times a day, enjoy inhaling my prenatal gummies, and I feel very strongly about our beloved 2003 Honda Odyssey with remote controlled sliding doors. My mother ship is Costco. I like my births medicated, my Hulu trashy, and I'm ashamed to admit that I have never ever missed an episode of the Bachelor/ette since its debut in 2002. I love my life but will never shy away from sharing an honest account of the rougher days and moments that we all seem to encounter.
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